.. its vocal purity and intimacy, somewhat akin to the Stax headphones…

Local Customer

… these speakers sound damn good, and are reasonably priced for what you get.


Cymbals are resolved with almost life-like clarity that leaves most other speakers sounding lifeless and plastic. You do not hear the muddied splashiness associated with so many other tweeters due to their distortion.

Jeff Bagby

Audio System Loud Speakers


The Ara Louspeaker smaller version of the Rinjani based on top line of SATORI drivers 6.5″ MW16P and TW29R. Equally as competent, the Ara can fill a 700 sqft space with ease and is measured to be 20hz @ -3db in that space.


*piano gloss white       *piano gloss black


 Data Sheet         Drawing        User Manual


Taken from volcano mountain in Lombok, Indonesia with astonishingly nature beauty panorama,RINJANI kit is designed to deliver transparent and dynamic sound reproduction. The Rinjani is a 2.5-way floor standing speaker kit based on top line of SATORI drivers 6.5″ MW16P and TW29R.


*piano gloss white       *piano gloss black


 User Manual         Rinjani Drawing        Data Sheet



Audio Xpress

“These are sweet systems, not in the sense that they flatter, round off, or velvetize the music. There simply was no sense of harmonic grit that sometimes passes for detail.”

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Local Customer

“After about 20 minutes of auditioning, I bought it.”

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Satori TW29R Ring Radiator Tweeter

It’s no mistake, there is indeed a deliberate dimple in the middle of the tweeter dome making it a ring radiator design. Ring radiator tweeters are known for their extreme accuracy, more so than conventional dome tweeters. Coupled with SB Acoustics’ world class Danish design team and stringent QC where every satori driver goes through the full Klippel lab test, Satori tweeters raises the bar on clarity, precision, fidelity and finesse and comes in matched pairs.

Satori MW16P Midwoofer

The cross section view of the aerodynamic woofer frame says it all. From the subtlest vocal nuance to violent drum percussion, the Satori woofer reproduces them all at at once without breaking into sweat.
The egyptian papyrus cone is the most detailed cone to date whilst still retaining the neutral characteristics of paper. Every part is made inhouse and designed to optimize performance, not cost.The double copper sleeved motor powered by high magnetic flux density neodymium magnets to ensures the lowest distortion & sensitivty possible in drivers this size.

Crossover with Premium Danish Components

Designed by the same danish team that designed the famed Satori drivers, they are mounted on Professional PCBs with extra thick paths to ensure reliability and sports premium Jantzen crosscaps to ensure minimal loss of detail & accuracy.

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